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Entry #1

First post... Only because NG told me to...

2008-10-14 21:57:16 by masterlink950

I am making this post because of the frightening warning NG gives me every time I get on.

"You don't have any news posts. Why not make one now?"

It's scary to look at so I am making this post in hopes it kills itself (goes away)

I guess I need some news to put in this... hmm...
Well I'm working on my first flash game and it's coming out pretty nicely.
Actually anyone who has played it has told me its amazing for my first game.
And I have no problem believing them :)


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2008-10-14 22:07:31

I had to do the same thing befrfore, scary but once you do you can't stop


2008-12-11 16:33:55

So you just do things because you're told to? Interesting...
Make some more games. And dance badly in front of a webcam for the world to see. Then leave me some comments.

masterlink950 responds:

AWW CRAP! You found my weakness...... I suppose you want to pick the dance? lol