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very interesting...

I always knew link was a dirtbag behind the scenes of all the games... this movie totally just revealed it to everyone. now link will probably come and kill you in your sleep... BUT GREAT ANIMATION! lol

despot.... lol

Emptygoddess responds:

That would be pretty neat. Killed by a video game character. Definitely an original way to die.


Man that was sweet for just testing your tablet. Now I got a question for you, if you wouldn't mind telling me, Is it really all that easier and faster to do stuff with a tablet after you get used to it? Like I SUCK at animating but I'm a freaken awesome action scripter. I have only made 2 games and both are awesome for my first from what ppl tell me but I just cant do graphics at all.

Laoye responds:

Well, I don't really know about it been much easier, but it sure beats using a mouse. Trust me, I'm no graphic designer myself, its just practice that brought me thus far. I suggest if you want to take your animation and games seriously, you grab yourself a tablet.... they aren't really that expensive. I'm sure in time the general quality will improve. :)

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this game = good reason to learn to hack stuff :3

This game was sweet, The storyline was good, the game was fun. the only thing I found odd about this is that the difficulty on the levels didn't really have a "progressive difficulty" if you know what I mean. Like I found most of the levels on the last chapter to be easier then some of the levels on the first chapter. I actually went through the whole game in 1 run and never really used a DDOS (except ones because I remembered about it on the last level on the second chapter) But serioursly... This game is t3h |-|4c|<3r $|-|1zn1p$ (translation: the hacker shiznips, that basically means AWESOME! lol)

This is pretty sweet

Actually I think the difficulty is right where it should be, everytime I get to wadolf and hes not even hard, but hes zombie fricker's keep screwing me over... DARN YOU WADOLF!!!

money bugs are annoying...

It would have been better if there was not a massive currency glitch with the hospital and the job place.... I ranked up a score of like 2 million or something by just running back and forth between the job place and the hospital.
to get 10 bucks you need to use 2 lives (if your below int 5) then you can use that $10 to go buy 10 more lives which then makes it so you can earn another $50 without ever changing a day... see what I mean? stuff like that generally can make something like this annoying to play. also you need to make something that uses the str stat. and try to make more area's with more things to use money and junk OTHER then just to get a high score.

coocooletmoi responds:

I am working on that. Please review V.2 when it will get released !


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