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HEY EVERYBODY! I just got done with my second flash game. (I took a break from my first, so that one is still in beta) But I was wondering what everyone thought of it and if anyone who enjoyed it would be willing to recommend it for the action games collection. So go ahead and tell me what you thought of it and like a super cool person, recommend it :)

Here is the link to the awesomeness in all its glory....

First post... Only because NG told me to...

2008-10-14 21:57:16 by masterlink950

I am making this post because of the frightening warning NG gives me every time I get on.

"You don't have any news posts. Why not make one now?"

It's scary to look at so I am making this post in hopes it kills itself (goes away)

I guess I need some news to put in this... hmm...
Well I'm working on my first flash game and it's coming out pretty nicely.
Actually anyone who has played it has told me its amazing for my first game.
And I have no problem believing them :)